Ushuaia, book an unique experience !

The Tower:

Luxury, Celebration, Exclusivity, Design, Technology, Views, Vanguard and a siesta by the pool. Try an assortment of oysters and experience the craziest night. Enjoy the wonderful sunrise with your company. The Ushuaïa Generation wants it all, naturally.

This is the reason why the "Ushuaïa Tower" was conceived with its 181 luxurious rooms and suites it has all the spirit of "Ushuaïa" and access to the services and events of the "Ushuaïa Club", but with the added plus of being able to decide when and how to join the party.

The Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel:

This hotel is the ultimate hedonistic party spot, and every kind of party reveller heads to Ibiza.

It’s been an A-list hangout since it opened and owes its popularity to its back catalogue of DJs.

A lot of our clients enjoy the adults-only hotel policy or they are just simply discerning traveller who want a luxurious accommodation in the heart of the action - and the possible sighting of a celebrity.

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